Behind the Scenes: The Official HAPIfork Video!

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the HAPIfork Official  Promotional Video  made by the HAPILABS video team with co-founder Philippel! Just one of the few things we’ve been working on to get the HAPIfork ready for the public launch. 😉

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 Philippe and Stéphane of the HAPI team setting the scene up!

Lovely al fresco lunch with the HAPIfork, at the second take of the day !

This HAPIfork promotional video shows HAPIfork, the technology powered by Slow Control,  as part of daily life from starting your day with a hearty breakfast, lunch at a restaurant with friends, to dinner at home. In this 2 minute 30 second video, you’ll learn about HAPIfork’s features, the vibration when you eat too fast,  and how you can follow your eating stats in real-time on a mobile device connected using the HAPIfork’s Bluetooth connection. It’s easy to use, charge, carry around and a breeze when you need to upload data on your personal dashboard.  It’s made for everyday use and it really provides amazing results!

Stay tuned for the release of the video in a few days!

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