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HAPIfork at NYC’s Story Pop-Up Shop

From January 18-February 28 2016, the quirky Story editorial-gallery-store will feature a “Feel Good Story” theme “to explore the things we can do every day to “Feel Good,” from prevention (Good Plan), and nutrition (Good Eats), to mindfulness (Good Vibes).”


HAPIfork is among the many unique nutrition products on display and for sale at the pop-up shop.


Visit the site and immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind experience.


photos courtesy of Story

Story: Wellness, January 19–February 28, 144 10th Avenue, New York, NY, 10011 ,

HAPILABS at Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair!

HAPILABS Sales and Marketing Director Edward Gash spent a few days at the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair in Hong Kong promoting the HAPILABS Brand and looking at the latest trends in fitness devices and activity trackers.

Ed also took advantage of this public visit to launch the official HAPIfork online store. That’s right! Now HAPI people can order their favorite smart fork in their color of their choice and get free shipping (to current shipping locations),  plus have the added security from HAPIfork’s  warranty coverage.

Here’s a little photo Edd shared to us from the venue. What is he wearing on his wrist? A little peek at what’s to come for HAPILABS. 🙂Edd at the venue

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New Pictures from the HAPIfork Factory!

It’s a busy October for HAPILABS and Slow Control –company powering the technology for HAPIfork–with the preparations for the HAPIfork launch. We’re scrambling like busy bees to put the finishing touches so that your HAPIfork experience is…well, the HAPIest possible one!

Earlier this week, HAPILABS CEO Fabrice visited the HAPIfork factory in China to check that everything is going well with the HAPIfork production (after the initial production runs now ongoing delivery).  Check out some pictures below! 😉

Before heading to the factory, Fabrice also got to attend the Hong Kong Electronics Fair just last October 16. HAPI to be a part of one of the world’s biggest electronics events and see up and coming gadgets.

Fabrice shares these HAPI photos from the trip with you guys!

2013-10-14 14.46.58 - 50Fabrice and Sales Director Edd at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

ed and fab train- 50Fabrice and Edd on the train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen

office- 50Fabrice discussing specifics for production with the manufacturer 🙂

conveyor - 50HAPIforks roll out for packaging 🙂

handle - 50Happy are the HAPIfork handles for assembly.

roll out - 50HAPIforks on to casing

forks - 50Pink and white HAPIforks are ready!

lunch - 50The HAPI Team having lunch with the factory management team, with the HAPIfork, of course!

We hope you enjoyed these highlights. Until our next update, everyone!

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HAPILABS at the “Quantified Self” and “Internet of Things” Meetings in Paris!


Exciting updates for HAPILABS were revealed by Fabrice Boutain, CEO of HAPILABS, at the Internet of Things and Quantified Self meet up last June 25 and 28 in Paris.

HAPILABS is a company that was conceived in perfect timing with innovations and developments in a high for the Quantified Self and Internet of things communities. HAPILABS’ goal of helping people take control of their health through technologies that incorporate data acquisition to a person’s daily life is something that is at the very heart of these communities and we’re HAPI to share our story with them!

Fabrice related his very own journey in life, and it is the pursuit of better health and quality of life that led him to build HAPILABS. It is what all people strive for in their lives, whatever they do, and it is decidedly what should be the essence of his next venture. He discussed happiness as the essence of HAPILABS building upon the ideas of some of today’s positive psychology authors Martin Seligman and Sonja Lyubomirsky.

The event was made even more meaningful as it is the first time HAPILABS introduces its second product in the range of wellness technologies: the HAPItrack.

Also, for the very first time, Fabrice delved into the details of the four blocks making up the HAPILABS Platform. First being the visualization of your health and happiness, second your personal health and fitness data, third is the coaching program to assist you in reaching your goals, fourth is the social aspect that let you share your experience with the people you care about.

You can view the slides presented at the event on this link :

HAPIfork at “Doctor 2.0 & You” Digital Health Conference!

This June, Jacques Lépine, inventor of our beloved HAPIfork, was at the Doctor 2.0 & You Digital Health Conference in Paris at Cité Internationale Universitaire, as one of the speakers to talk under the banner of the Quantified Self.

Jacques shared his personal experience growing up knowing that he had this bad habit of eating too fast which later on in his life had severe impact on his health, and how his decision to not be controlled by this bad habit came together to the conception of the idea for the HAPIfork.

It is such an exciting event for us that HAPIfork got to be a part of this conference, to share in the topic of how medicine, research and social media affects health and medicine. Of course, HAPIfork was right at home with its mission to impact the lives of many by helping to improve one habit using technology. It was also an incredible honor for us to share the stage with Withings CEO Cédric Hutchings, among other influential speakers!

The HAPILABS team also organized a raffle and three lucky participants got the chance to win a HAPIfork! Congrats to them!

Here are is Jacques on stage!
from Slowcontrol Facebook page 1

HAPIfork Takes On Austin Texas During SXSW

HAPIfork, which has taken on a mind of his own, decided to embark upon Austin during South by Southwest (SXSW) with Andrew Carton and I. He made a few interesting stops along the way and had quite a few encounters, starting with a little saloon action in the lobby of the Driskill Hotel. We were in Texas after all.


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Fabrice Boutain Speaks at London’s WebSummit on “Connected Things”

Last week at WebSummit in London, Techcrunch’s Mike Butcher interviews Alex Hawkinson of Smart Things and HAPILABS CEO Fabrice Boutain in an interactive chat on the central stage. The discussion revolves around the ability for us to be able to connect to smart apps and devices in a way that is meaningful and has an impact on everyday lives.


Below is a link to the video of their conversation, which includes demos