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HAPIfork at NYC’s Story Pop-Up Shop

From January 18-February 28 2016, the quirky Story editorial-gallery-store will feature a “Feel Good Story” theme “to explore the things we can do every day to “Feel Good,” from prevention (Good Plan), and nutrition (Good Eats), to mindfulness (Good Vibes).”


HAPIfork is among the many unique nutrition products on display and for sale at the pop-up shop.


Visit the site and immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind experience.


photos courtesy of Story

Story: Wellness, January 19–February 28, 144 10th Avenue, New York, NY, 10011 ,

HAPI HAPI Halloween!

Halloween is upon us once again. Here are some tips to help you maximize fun and happiness on this holiday.

    1. Get creative!

If you set your mind to it, you’ll never run out of fun quick-to-do ideas that trick or treaters will love. Don’t have the time? You can create something simple: s’mores with marshmallows microwaved in between chocolate graham crackers and layered with hazelnut choco spread. Add touches like orange sprinkles to get into the Halloween spirit. For something healthier, make tangelo pumpkins with celery sticks for stems. How easy does that sound? If you have extra time on your hands to prep something intricate, all the better! You don’t need a Martha Stewart magic wand to whip up a few out-of-the box too-cute-to-eat concoctions. The good news is, since it’s the time for sweets, kids will eat it even if doesn’t look perfect. It’s the season after all when it’s easiest to patch up kitchen blunders and simply create something ghoulish even when it’s unintentional–and no one will say a word.

halloween-fork2You can also try heading over to Pinterest for some awesome ideas.

2.  Prepare ahead of time.

Cramming is the easiest way to take the fun out of anything, even this extra high sugar glazed holiday. Taking a few minutes a day at least a week ahead to plot out your plan of attack will save you a lot of headaches and keep the fun in the event. It’s a good idea to use that planner you have not touched since the beginning of the year. Or better yet, use a planner app on your phone, so you can map plans conveniently wherever you are. You can check this list of some great planner apps to download this year.

3.  Find the best spot for the trick or treaters in your household.

trick or treatIf your neighborhood is less friendly to kids in costumes at this time of the year, do not hesitate to have your kids join their friends and visit a nearby street where the Halloween activity would be much higher. Chances are, you would already hear about the best go-to places for this occasion ahead of time. If in doubt, the density of Halloween decorations on front porches around town will give you a clue. The kids will have a much happier time parading in their goblin or superhero garb with more kids roaming the streets. And of course, more candy!

4.  Recipes for leftover candy.

Get ideas from this article for things to try. It’s the only time  in the year when you have a surplus of sweets in your home. Sure, candy doesn’t go bad easily, but how about using these to create something a lot more fun your kids will not get tired of? It’s also an opportunity for you to slowly use these treats up to brighten up a healthy but kid repelling meal. This way, you can integrate the sweets into something more healthy, spreading out empty calories over nutrient-rich meals.  If they’re stuck in your fridge or cupboard they’d just stay there for the entire year, lest you snack on them every day for the next few weeks.


5.   Get into the Halloween spirit!

Few other occasions offer the chance for people to dress up in outrageous costumes and even act the part for a night. Think up of some funny costumes, soak yourself in the spirit, and be part of the fun. No other night offers a free pass for being silly, so you have few excuses to hold back.  Nothing gets you in the mood better than trotting around in fun costume you yourself prepared.  And of course, don’t forget to post all your Halloween moments on your app to share with your family and friends!


The HAPI Team 🙂

HAPILABS at Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair!

HAPILABS Sales and Marketing Director Edward Gash spent a few days at the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair in Hong Kong promoting the HAPILABS Brand and looking at the latest trends in fitness devices and activity trackers.

Ed also took advantage of this public visit to launch the official HAPIfork online store. That’s right! Now HAPI people can order their favorite smart fork in their color of their choice and get free shipping (to current shipping locations),  plus have the added security from HAPIfork’s  warranty coverage.

Here’s a little photo Edd shared to us from the venue. What is he wearing on his wrist? A little peek at what’s to come for HAPILABS. 🙂Edd at the venue

Until our next update!



Get Your HAPIfork! Order Now on :-)

Great news! You can now get your HAPIfork directly from

Visit now and get your HAPIfork in black, white, blue, pink or green!

Ships in 1-3 business days upon availability of stock. Currently available for customers in the United States with free shipping. We also hope to ship to other countries in the near future, so stay tuned. 🙂


We’re looking forward to hearing about your experience with the HAPIfork once you get to try it! No better day than today to start eating at the right pace and to start taking better control of your health! 😉

Have a HAPI day!


Sharing the Love: HAPIfork Around The World

We couldn’t be happier with the kind of buzz that our favorite fork has received in the past few months.  And today, we share some of the HAPIfork love with you!

Here are some of features we’ve seen, and some that people have shared with us, in different countries (and languages) around the world.

From Belgium’s one of their leading national newspapers.


Much love to Hendrix Rommens for sending us the photo of the feature!

We’re also very much flattered to see people taking the time to take perfect beauty shots our beloved fork! Here are a couple of great shots done by from China.




We’ve also read some great features from over 5,000 news articles and blog posts published even before we started shipping out the first few units of the HAPIfork last year! Here are some in different languages we’d like to share.

Hello Cotton – France


Newsland – Russia

newsland russia.jpg – Australia

australia – Brazil


It was an exciting affair when we started delivering HAPIforks to different parts of the world and even more exciting to have people share with us their experience when HAPIfork was finally on hand. Here’s one of our HAPI backers who sent us a picture of his HAPIfork unboxed, all the way from Portugal. Thanks Olimipio for sending some shots of your new fork! 🙂

 olimpio goncalves.jpg


HAPIfork Sky high

 HAPIfork also had the chance to meet technology entrepreneur Andy Hadfield on a plane (HAPIfork was featured at the Thai Airways inflight mag). Click here to see his blog on this on the emergence of quantified self, featured in South Africa. Thanks for the tweet, Andy!

andyhadfield tweet.jpg

And speaking of HAPIfork on a plane, we’re surely glad HAPIfork gets past security checks at the airport to go around the world with you 🙂 Here’s a tweet about the experience by Tactiohealth.

 tactiohealth tweet.jpg

‘Twas definitely  wonderful to share HAPIfork with the world and we greatly appreciate all the good word that has gone around about this little smart gadget!  Both HAPILABS and SlowControl (maker of the HAPIfork) humbly thank you all for the support!

Once again, have a HAPI day, everyone!


Get your HAPIfork at Joyus Today!

We’re thrilled to announce that HAPIfork is now available at!, an online video shopping site that helps people live more beautifully, now offers the HAPIfork as part of their Health and Fitness catalogue. And what a perfect channel for HAPIfork being a product that help you stay fit healthy and HAPI.  HAPIness, we believe, is important to living beautifully.

HAPIfork at is priced at US$100 and is available in a very pristine white color.

Joyus members are to receive free standard US ground shipping. Joyus ships to all 50 US states.

Watch this nice Healthy Habits segment by Leandra Rouse to learn more about what HAPIfork can do for you.

[youtube httpv://]

Have a HAPI day!



Picker, Scooper or Data lover ? Which HAPIfork User Are You?

If you’re eating too fast, who’s to tell you to slow down? Like your mom who takes care of you by reminding you to pace your eating, HAPIfork sends you gentle light and vibration signals to remind you when you’re taking a bite too fast.

How is it able to do this? It detects your fork servings when you take a bite of your food.

As people eat in different ways, HAPIfork was cleverly designed so that it can work for most people’s way of eating.

HAPIfork can be configured to one of three different profiles, depending on the type of HAPIfork user that you are. You will be able to adjust how the HAPIfork detects fork servings, based on what works best for your own style of eating.

profiles 2

Picker Profile

This profile is best for people who tend to pick their food when they eat, and would have the tines above the handle as they bring food to their mouths.

Scooper Profile

This profile works best for people who scoop their food up to the mouth (as when eating mashed potatoes) where the handle generally is above the tines when one eats.

Data Lover Profile

The data lover profile accurately detects fork servings for any way of eating, but it is best to be used with a non conductive knife such as a ceramic knife, so that touching the fork with a conductive utensil will not result in false fork servings.

It is advisable to play around with the three profiles during the first few days of using the HAPIfork so that you know the profile that works best for you to accurately detect your fork servings. You can also use the HAPIfork mobile app with your meal (download for iOS or Android) to tell if your fork servings are being counted.


If you want know more about the 3 HAPIfork profiles, watch HAPILABS sales and marketing director Edward Gash break it down for you in the video above, or you can head on over to our FAQ page to get other useful information on how to use your HAPIfork! 🙂

HAPI eating!


HAPIfork Now Available at Brookstone!

Great news, HAPIfork fans! You can drop by your nearest Brookstone store and get your own HAPIfork for $99! You can also order online at and avail of free shipping.

Get your HAPIfork in either green, blue or pink, and for the first time, in neutral shades, black and white 🙂

BrookStone_Logo press_hapifork_available

Consider it a perfect gift for the holidays. Supplies are being rolled out across the nation, but the HAPIfork should be available in all Brookstone stores in time for Christmas. 🙂

Brookstone is the exclusive distributor of the HAPIfork in the United States.

Remember that official HAPIfork video we wrote about? You can watch it on our neat little POS (point of sale) machines when you visit Brookstone. 🙂



ALL HAPIforks Shipped to US and Canada Backers!

We’re HAPI to announce that as of November 26, ALL HAPIforks going out to United States and Canada destinations have been shipped!

Due to the Thanksgiving holidays, there will be some delay in relaying the tracking numbers for your packages, but we’ll have this available to you as soon as we receive them from our shipping partner.

For shipments intended for other countries, they are being handled by our shipping partner in China. Only a few packages remain to be shipped as of today, and we are working to complete this very soon. :-)We will relay the tracking numbers to the rest of you within the next few days once they are available.

We apologize that it’s been a long wait for many of you, due to several issues that we had to resolve with the fork heads and shipping logistics. We have been working tirelessly from day one to get a HAPIfork in your hands, but we are almost there! Thank you once again for your patience and understanding.

We haven’t forgotten about the 50% offer we promised to our backers, and we’ll keep you updated right here as soon as details become available. 🙂

Here are some images from our shipping partner in Florida last November 26.




Post originally published as an update on the HAPIfork Kickstarter page on November 28, 2013: