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Take Better Control of Your Health with’s Wellness Agenda!

You likely keep an agenda that reads like this: client meeting, doctor’s appointment, pay bills, team meeting, and so on. It’s helpful to keep tabs on important things, right?

But what about the other important things in our daily lives, or the actions that keep us in good health? Walk daily, sleep on time, eat healthy meals regularly, get physically active, relax, and be happy.

How much of these things do we really make time for? In reality, when we try to map out our daily timetable, these probably go to the bottom of our list, keeping us from attaining our personal health and happiness  goals.

With’s Wellness Agenda, you can take control. You make your health and happiness activities front and center in your goals every single day.

The Wellness Agenda is a quick and simple way for you to take control of your health and happiness. It is a daily planner of your activities, assisting you to map out your day and set reminders to yourself to do things that positively impact your health and happiness daily.


chris' screen capture

With Wellness Agenda’s Planning and Reminders, you can schedule your day prioritizing things to reach your personal health goals: schedule to take your meals at a regular times, get the right sleep every day, and get physically active.

planning and reminders

 And how about things that are central to your happiness,  like taking time focus on the positive moments that happen to you daily?  With the Wellness Agenda, you can set aside time in your day to focus and appreciate your HAPI Moments. It also gives you a little nudge for it, with automatic notifications, so you won’t forget! After all, happiness is something that you have to practice. It is essential to good health and happiness to train your brain to be positive.

hapimoment reminder

On top of helping you in planning your day to achieve your health, wellness and happiness goals, Your Wellness Agenda also shows you what you actually do by laying out the data gathered both from your fitness devices and those manually uploaded by you on your account each day in a complete 24 hour period, all in one glance. You can browse your activities easily for the week or for the entire month.


And as “easy, simple and fun ”  is our motto, we made it so you can see your meals, steps, relaxation, and HAPI Moments easily. We made it so the data that our HAPI devices provide will make sense for you and help you visualize your life balance. It’s easy for you to know at what time of the day you did each activity, and quickly see how much of your planned health and wellness activities you actually followed through!

As a plus, each activity you upload on your account will automatically be reflected on  your agenda.

The Mission of is to provide people just like you with the right tools to monitor and manage your personal health and fitness data in order to improve your daily HAPIness.  If you can plan your day to do things that benefit your personal health and wellness, you’d be more likely to succeed and reach your goal. If you can visualize how much you actually do for your health and happiness right now, wouldn’t it be so much easier for you to realize how much more you can do and how much more you can improve?

With’s Wellness Agenda together with our HAPI Devices, this is what we aim for. We help you monitor and manage what you do, help you plan your activities, so you can start tweaking your habits, and make real changes to improve yourself!

Some Very Good News For HAPIfork!

As we have previously announced, we have decided together with Slow Control -the company that provides HAPIfork technology- to move the delivery to mid-November to address a small issue where a hairline fracture appears on HAPIfork heads.

We’ve tried a new solution for the production of the fork heads with our manufacturing partners, with some very good results. We are all optimistic that this means we have a sturdier fork in our hands.

We should resume production of HAPIfork that should correct the problem by early November. The Kickstarter backers’ HAPIforks have been shipped to our factory in China, and all the fork heads will be replaced by next week. If everything goes well, we will be moving on to re-shipping your HAPIforks by mid-November.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of shipments in the coming weeks!

Have an exceptionally HAPI day!


PS: For those who would like some more information on the concern at hand: These hairline cracks on the HAPIfork heads were found to be caused by temperature changes related to the injection pressure.

This was later aggravated by even more temperature changes during shipping, where cargo holds can reach temperatures of up to zero degrees before handling and delivery. On this kind of plastic, the stress from the exaggerated fluctuations in temperature, which is manifested by the hairline cracks, naturally takes some time before it reveals itself.

This is why we did not discover the hairline cracks until a batch of forks had already been sent out to some users.

Here are some images from the factory:

head inspection

 Cold water test following 100°C degrees heating test to demonstrate the resistance of the new plastic mix. The testing procedures are made between -20°C and 100°C (-4°F and 212°F) to ensure the fork can withstand temperature changes well.

 Post originally published on Kickstarter for HAPIfork backers on November 1, 2013:

A little issue on the fork’s head

Hello HAPI Backers,

We’ve received all your messages, following up on the shipment of your HAPIforks, and we’re making sure to reply to each one of you! In the meantime, here are more fresh updates…

As you know, we shipped the first HAPIforks to our beta-test backers at the end of September and a sample mass production HAPIforks to 200 Kickstarter backers in early October. Some of you are actually having lunch and dinner with the HAPIfork on a daily basis. That makes us proud and HAPI!

After two weeks of intensive use, we received a lot of very encouraging feedback about the product itself, the Bluetooth mobile app and the online dashboard. Both HAPILABS and Slow Control–the company that is responsible for HAPIfork technology– are really excited with all the great feedback!

All was super positive until we discovered that there was a small issue—for approximately 10% of items—with the fork heads that happens during specific conditions which we have determined to be related to temperature change. The result is a small hairline fracture that appears on the neck of the fork head. You can look at the picture to better understand what we’re talking about.

2013-10-16-15.21.43The Quality Control team has identified the issue that happens during specific conditions related to temperature change


 A small hairline fracture appears on the neck of the fork head in 10% of the cases.

Well, the point is we don’t want to take any chances, and we want to be 100% sure that your very first HAPIfork experience will be smooth and flawless. Your satisfaction as a backer is on top of our priority list.

So, to ensure that you’re HAPI with what you receive, we decided to return the Kickstarter backers’ second shipment to our factory in China. We will have every single fork head replaced next week. We are very lucky that our manufacturing partners have been fully cooperating with us in this situation, making sure that the HAPIfork that our customers receive is durable when subjected to temperature fluctuations. The factory has assured us that they are using polycarbonate plastic, the most hygienic and the strongest kind, the same type that is used for the iPhone 5c.

As you can imagine, this will cause a delay in the HAPIfork delivery which should be about 2 weeks. As of now, we plan to ship your HAPIfork before mid-November and we hope to get your full support on this important decision we took!

Of course, we’ll also send new replacement fork heads to all of you who already received a HAPIfork showing this small hairline fracture. Just inform us at

So in short, don’t worry, be HAPI, all is under control 🙂 I would like to apologize for the delay and to make it up to all of you I would also like to extend a 50% discount towards a purchase of a second HAPIfork for ALL our Kickstarter backers. More details to come….

Have a HAPI day!

Fabrice Boutain, CEO of HAPILABS

 Post originally published on Kickstarter for HAPIfork backers:

New Pictures from the HAPIfork Factory!

It’s a busy October for HAPILABS and Slow Control –company powering the technology for HAPIfork–with the preparations for the HAPIfork launch. We’re scrambling like busy bees to put the finishing touches so that your HAPIfork experience is…well, the HAPIest possible one!

Earlier this week, HAPILABS CEO Fabrice visited the HAPIfork factory in China to check that everything is going well with the HAPIfork production (after the initial production runs now ongoing delivery).  Check out some pictures below! 😉

Before heading to the factory, Fabrice also got to attend the Hong Kong Electronics Fair just last October 16. HAPI to be a part of one of the world’s biggest electronics events and see up and coming gadgets.

Fabrice shares these HAPI photos from the trip with you guys!

2013-10-14 14.46.58 - 50Fabrice and Sales Director Edd at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

ed and fab train- 50Fabrice and Edd on the train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen

office- 50Fabrice discussing specifics for production with the manufacturer 🙂

conveyor - 50HAPIforks roll out for packaging 🙂

handle - 50Happy are the HAPIfork handles for assembly.

roll out - 50HAPIforks on to casing

forks - 50Pink and white HAPIforks are ready!

lunch - 50The HAPI Team having lunch with the factory management team, with the HAPIfork, of course!

We hope you enjoyed these highlights. Until our next update, everyone!

Have a HAPI day!



We’ve Started Shipping to Kickstarter Backers!

We’ve been waiting for this moment for a loooong time, and we’re so HAPI to announce that we’ve made it!

The HAPIfork, the world’s first smart fork, has finally arrived! And it’s all thanks to your tremendous support and patience!

We have started shipping the Kickstater Backers’ HAPIfork rewards, including the HAPIfork T-shirts and HAPIstickers! Early this week, we’ve already shipped the first units to and the rest will be delivered this coming week. Good news: Kickstarter Backers can expect the arrival of their HAPIforks pretty soon!


It’s been a hectic but fun run up to this big moment: from the CES in January, and the Kickstarter fundraiser in April. And all the hard work has paid off! Both Slow Control  and HAPILABS are extremely thankful for all the support HAPIfork has received!

Help make HAPIfork a perfect device! 🙂

We cannot wait for everyone to receive and get to try out the HAPIfork! The fork’s firmware (that filters “false positive” fork servings) is not perfect yet because, believe it or not, we all eat in different ways. But we’re improving it on a daily basis and we’re surely getting there. With users feedback, we will improve it to make it 100% accurate. With all the users’ support, we’re going to create a device that will help millions of people have a healthier and HAPIer lifestyle. What a great challenge ahead!What a great challenge ahead!

Next batch of shipment

For those 126 of backers who have not yet answered our HAPIfork surveys sent last June can still do so and we will be arranging the next batch of shipment for them.

IMG_0863 (1)


Thanks and have a HAPI day!


Here are some latest shots from our guy Edd as we arrange shipment from our site!

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.44.03

The HAPI Revolution T-shirt and HAPIfork sound asleep in their box 🙂


      A little thank you letter from us to the Kickstarter Backers! 🙂


   Don’t forget the Official HAPI funder sticker!


Boxes all lined up at our shipping site!


       The HAPIforks are almost here! All of us at HAPILABS, can’t wait for you to get to try them!

Behind the Scenes: The Official HAPIfork Video!

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the HAPIfork Official  Promotional Video  made by the HAPILABS video team with co-founder Philippel! Just one of the few things we’ve been working on to get the HAPIfork ready for the public launch. 😉

cropped1 -50

 Philippe and Stéphane of the HAPI team setting the scene up!

Lovely al fresco lunch with the HAPIfork, at the second take of the day !

This HAPIfork promotional video shows HAPIfork, the technology powered by Slow Control,  as part of daily life from starting your day with a hearty breakfast, lunch at a restaurant with friends, to dinner at home. In this 2 minute 30 second video, you’ll learn about HAPIfork’s features, the vibration when you eat too fast,  and how you can follow your eating stats in real-time on a mobile device connected using the HAPIfork’s Bluetooth connection. It’s easy to use, charge, carry around and a breeze when you need to upload data on your personal dashboard.  It’s made for everyday use and it really provides amazing results!

Stay tuned for the release of the video in a few days!

HAPIfork Beta Units Shipped! Plus 10 Photos Straight from the Labs :-)

Exciting news! We are HAPI to announce that the beta version HAPIforks have shipped out from the factory to our beta testers this week!

The HAPILABS Team and Slow Control — the company that provides the HAPIfork technology– have been hard at work these past months, making sure that everything is in order with your devices, and HAPI applications. We’re now at the final stages of preparing for the HAPIfork and we are HAPI to share some snapshots of the latest events with you!

1. Edd, Phil and Chris from the HAPILABS Team are enjoying their first meal in China with the beta version HAPIfork.

2. Chris and Edd from the HAPILABS Team together with Ray from the HAPIfork Factory are testing the fork’s latest firmware.

3. A first look at the new HAPIfork travel case that is very light to carry around. For hygienic considerations, it is made of a special PP plastic .

4. HAPIfork Factory: Testing connectivity on each fork. All is working very well with latest Apple tablet!

5. HAPIfork Factory: Assembling the fork and putting the O-ring on the HAPIfork’s head to secure its water resistance.

6. HAPIfork Factory: Putting together the beta-test HAPIfork; the Quick Start Guide and other reading materials can be found inside the travel case.

7. HAPIfork Factory: Wrapping the HAPIfork final package units with protective plastic films. Just before shipping.

8. Leandro from the HAPILABS’ Web Team currently working on the latest updates on the Online Dashboard.

9. Karen from HAPILABS Design Team is finalizing the HAPIfork User Manual that will be available for download in PDF format

10. Arne from the HAPILABS mobile Team is fine-tuning the HAPIfork app that will be available to Bluetooth Smart Ready devices (on iPhone and Android).

We hope you enjoyed the latest news from the Labs! Until our next update! Have a HAPI day!


CEO Update: HAPIfork Shipped to Kickstarter Beta Testers!

Hello HAPI backers !

I am so HAPI today to announce that we have just shipped HAPIforks to all our Kickstarter beta testers this week!

If you are a beta tester, you should have already heard from your HAPI Buddy (it may have even been me) that you should expect your HAPIfork in a few days. YEEES it is coming. 🙂

And it is now somewhere between Shenzhen (China) and the USA or Europe or Australia.

The HAPI Buddies and I are personally calling and emailing daily our beta testers to get their valuable feedback. We want to make sure that the whole HAPI experience is seamless when we launch to the general public and we hope to be ready for the Christmas Season.

And we’re just getting the ball rolling.

In just a few more days, on October 1 we will also be shipping the HAPIfork to our thousands of HAPI Kickstarter backers. And 3 weeks after that, if everything goes well and we have the validation from our community which is key for me, the HAPIfork will be available for ret ail on our website at internationally, exclusively through Brookstone retail stores and in the US, and through in France.

We’re slightly behind our original projected schedule, but this only brought about improvements that you, the users, can enjoy (check the previous blog entry for the details).

It’s going to be a VERY busy month for the HAPILABS Team and Slow Control–the company responsible for the HAPIfork technology–in the lead-up to the retail launch, and at the same time, it’s very exciting to be working with such a dedicated and enthusiastic team all around the world.

I’d like to leave you with some HAPI news: here is a shot from the HAPI team’s meeting yesterday, with the announcement that the iOS7 HAPI apps are up and running. 🙂ceo1


And I hope to bring you even HAPIer news when I check in again next month. 🙂 I thank you all for being a part of the HAPI revolution. Together, let’s EAT healthier, LOVE better, and LIVE longer!

Stay HAPI,

The latest news from the LABS and factory!

Hello HAPI Backers!

We realized that we’ve been keeping you waiting for the latest update on your rewards. Well, we wanted the news to be good, so we are taking advantage of our visit to the factory near Hong Kong this weekend to post this update along with a few pictures.

First off, we would like to thank you again for your contribution in creating a brand-new device that has the potential to change the way people eat all around the world.

In the past few months we at HAPILABS, with Slow Control, the company responsible for the HAPIfork technlogy, have made tremendous progress toward making the HAPIfork better, slimmer, and more elegant. We believe that we are very near our mechanical goal. Better yet, based on the messages we received from our last update, we believe you are quite HAPI too! 🙂

The last big hurdle is perfecting the software of the HAPIfork. We realized here that we absolutely need the help of our beta-testers and Kickstarter backers to take us across the finish line. It’s a massive challenge, but we know that with your help, we can get there.

You may all remember that the HAPIfork that it did not start its life this way. You see, the HAPIfork uses a capacitive sensor that forms a closed loop to detect each fork serving that’s brought to the mouth. As the concept evolved, we discovered that we needed to filter out false signals, such as a knife, plate or other utensil or food that may also close the capacitive loop.

The answer came in the form of heavy algorithms, powerful processors, and motion sensors that continuously work in the background to filter these false fork servings and produce a seamless user experience.

We have been working on these programs and algorithms for quite some time now and all the tests so far have been very encouraging. The last piece that we need to finalize before going to production is the firmware that will fit most people’s way of eating with the HAPIfork.

The HAPI Team has been working especially hard this summer, focusing on many crucial points including fork sensitivity and the many filters to dismiss the false fork servings one may encounter during a regular meal.

Believe it or not, but people hold and use their forks in very different ways, so it’s critical that we take into account actual users’ experience to improve the HAPIfork’s firmware so that it fits all possible eating behaviors and postures. This isn’t an easy job and we really need your help in the form of your feedback.

What’s coming now and what’s coming next?

This week, we moved on the HAPIfork Pilot Run production and we will ship the first HAPIforks to our beta-testers this month. This will come with the Mobile App and Online Dashboard so you may check your stats and view your progress.

With the HAPI beta-testers’ early support and feedback on the device and the online platform, we’ll be able to fine-tune the HAPIfork settings before shipping it to all Kickstarter Backers this October. Since we have initially set the timing of the delivery in September, we sincerely apologize for the delay and thank you for your understanding.

We made necessary adjustments in the schedule to ensure a positive first HAPIfork experience for all of you when it is delivered to your door. Above all, it is important to us that you are HAPI with the rewards you will receive and are eager to help us improve it.

We are now on the homestretch and we hope we have your continued support!

Have a HAPI day,






This update was originally posted on Kickstarter on September 14, 2013. 

A Thinner HAPIfork!

Featuring the new the slimmer HAPIfork! And on behalf of all of us at HAPILABS and Slow Control, the company responsible for the HAPIfork technology, couldn’t be more ecstatic with the positive comments we have received from some of our friends who backed our project on Kickstarter last May. 

Since the presentation of the first few digital forks by Slow Control at CES this January 2013, we’ve received some feedback from the community on how the fork looks. Though we made the previous design comfortable to the grip, and easy to use–we had some pretty nice feedback from the people who had a meal with it—still, some comments on some HAPIfork images said that it seemed a bit too big (the camera adds 10 pounds after all! :-))

Of course we would be HAPI to have the HAPIfork at the center of people’s attention, but we want this in a good way! So, we’re more than glad to finally reveal this slimmer HAPIfork, one of the things that Slow Control and HAPILABS have been working diligently on these past few months.

thinner hapifork

This new design has been made slimmer with significantly less volume:  its width and thickness reduced by 2mm each, thanks to the handle’s ingenious asymmetrical shape! The on and off switch was given a complete overhaul to fit this new slimmer handle. The tines were also improved to look more balanced relative to the fork’s body.

To make it much more easy to use, the length of the fork’s cap at the opposite end was increased by around 3 mm so that it’s easier to pinch for removal. Instructional markings were also added to help users to better understand how they can pull out the body (the electronic key) from the fork’s handle.

The lid that protects the micro USB connector was also modified so that it can be opened and closed more easily. This redesign was especially intended so that users who will not use a mobile phone and Bluetooth to sync their HAPIfork, but instead will use the USB connector to upload their meal data, would have a much more convenient way to do it. And as a bonus it’ll make it easier for everyone to setup charging for their HAPIfork !

This new design will be the one to enter full production and so our HAPI backers on Kickstarter and people who will reserve a fork on our very own will be receiving this slimmer HAPIfork.

Of course, let us know what you think about this new design in the comments section!