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Jacques wants to thank you!

Hello everyone,

In this short video recorded in the week-end, Jacques Lépine, inventor of the HAPIfork, gives thanks to backers for the amazing support the HAPIfork project has received on Kickstarter. The $100K goal has been officially reached a few days ago…

Jacques also wants to give you an update on the overall crowd-funding experience and, of course, on HAPIfork’s latest technical developments and design improvements.

With 24 more days to go, the campaign is far from over! So please keep spreading the word…

We kindly invite you to view more HAPILABS video on Youtube!

Have a HAPI day.

This update was originally posted on Kickstarter on May 7, 2013.

Selecting a winner

Hello HAPIbackers,

Thank you for your input in the T-shirt design contest. We are having fun 🙂

Based on the results of the 1st poll we were able to select designers for the final round. We now have 8 designers, and we have created another poll so that we can select the best design.

You can take a look and vote for your favorite here

Let’s see what will happen 🙂