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Get to know your HAPIfork’s perfect companion!

Hello HAPI backers,

Our Kickstarter campaign will be over in a few hours (got any friends to remind about it?) Thanks to your support, we were able to surpass our target by more than 30%!

Once you receive the HAPIfork, powered by Slow Control, you will also have access to the complete HAPIfork Suite, that includes an optional Coaching Program, to help you learn better eating habits. The Coaching Program helps you to:

  • Gradually improve your habits
  • Access daily healthy meal plans prepared by nutrition experts
  • Learn more about the HAPI Revolution through the works of revolutionary thinkers and inventors
  • Discover the most cutting-edge apps and devices to help you live a healthy, HAPI life!

The Coaching program is one of the elements of the complete suite aimed at smart, healthy eating habits and overall well-being: other than the coaching program and the HAPIfork device, you will have a personal dashboard to store and review your eating-related data and help you track your progress meal after meal, a mobile app so you can check your progress from the road as well as from home and a fun, online Social Game to motivate you to implement these new smart eating habits with your loved ones.

The Coaching Program is currently being developed by our team and here we share with you a snapshot preview of what’s planned!

Thanks and have a HAPI day!



This update was originally posted on Kickstarter on May 30, 2013.

Evolution of the HAPIfork

The evolution of the HAPIforkAs we’ve mentioned before, the designer of the HAPIfork, Jacques Lépine, has been at this for over 7 years! Here are four benchmark versions of the HAPIfork, from top to bottom in the image:

V0.1 – Figuring out how to detect when the fork touches the mouth

V 0.2 – The first attempt to make a fork. There are a lot of errors. The fork isn’t solid enough simply as a fork.

V 0.3 – Finally the fork works well, so we learn a lot out about how people actually use the fork.

V 1.0 – January 2013, this is the fork from the CES release. We have improved the feed-back, the durability, and are pleased with the results.

So interesting to see how far the development of the fork has come!

HAPIfork, Laughing at the Right Time and at the Right Pace

Hello HAPIbackers,

If you have been around the web, you’ve probably seen that many have already been inspired to write, talk and even joke about the HAPIfork.

Here are our 3 favorite HAPIfork funny moments:


The Colbert Report


HAPIfork photo meme

hapifork girls 1

Le Grand Journal de Canal+

And following the buzz, we are grateful for the even louder supportive and helpful energy that has been generated. One message that we particularly adore, is in this article by Ryan Rawler for Tech Crunch: In Defense of the HAPIfork.

Not to mention, the overwhelming support we’ve received from you, our backers, to this day.

Have a HAPI day!


This update was originally posted on Kickstarter on Mayr 14, 2013.

They had a meal with the HAPIfork!

Hello HAPIbackers,

We have been very lucky to get the chance to sit down with the HAPIfork and enjoy our meal with some notable writers and journalists in personal technology. We at HAPILABS together with Slow Control–the company that provides the HAPIfork technology– are very excited for the moment when you’ll finally be able to try the HAPIfork for yourselves, and we can hear what you have to say. So in anticipation of that day, we thought it would be a nice idea to share with you some of their positive feedback, to give you a little preview of the experience.

Here are some of the nice things they’ve shared with their readers:


“After just one meal, it’s had some impact on my eating. As I’ve consumed further food this week, sans HAPIfork, it’s still been on my mind — and I’ve been doing a better job of pacing myself.“

 – Harry McCracken, TIME Tech 


“Normally I would have scarfed the food down in almost no time, but this was one of the most relaxed meals I’ve had in years.“

– Larry Magid, Forbes


“The fork is light enough that it is easy to carry around and subtle enough that you won’t feel weird whipping it out at a restaurant.“

– Rebecca Grant, Venture Beat


” One meal wasn’t enough time to cure me of my snarfing ways, but I was more aware of how fast I ate for the rest of the day. ”

– Heather Kelly, CNN


” It only took a few rumbles of my mouth to slow me down. By the end of the meal, I began to unconsciously place my fork into a flat position, rather than holding it like a spear waiting for attack.“

– Gregory Ferenstein, TechCrunch


“It became a bit of a game to see what actions and behaviors would and would not produce the vibration alert. I was unusually aware of the speed with which I was eating; in these regards, the HAPIfork was already working.”

– Amber Bouman, TechHive

Jacques wants to thank you!

Hello everyone,

In this short video recorded in the week-end, Jacques Lépine, inventor of the HAPIfork, gives thanks to backers for the amazing support the HAPIfork project has received on Kickstarter. The $100K goal has been officially reached a few days ago…

Jacques also wants to give you an update on the overall crowd-funding experience and, of course, on HAPIfork’s latest technical developments and design improvements.

With 24 more days to go, the campaign is far from over! So please keep spreading the word…

We kindly invite you to view more HAPILABS video on Youtube!

Have a HAPI day.

This update was originally posted on Kickstarter on May 7, 2013.

Habit Change and the HAPIfork

At the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University, Dr. BJ Fogg and his students have spent over a decade furthering our understanding of how technology can help us modify our habits. The Fogg Behavior Model looks at behavior change very simply:

Behavior =  Motivation + Ability +Trigger

Fogg Behavior Model

Fogg Behavior Model

In other words, you have to want to change a habit, changing the habit needs to be possible for you to do (ability), and then you have to have something that prompts you to make the change (the trigger).  Motivation becomes secondary and even inconsequential if the ability, trigger and intended behavior are engineered just right.  The tinier the behavior the more likely it will done.

What have we found to be the most important variable? The trigger! People change when they have a “Hot Trigger”  — that call to action that prompts them when they’re exactly in the moment and the place to make the change.

The HAPIfork is a good example of helping people change a behavior by making the trigger for change happen exactly at the moment when they need to make the change. You want to eat slower (that’s the motivation). You CAN eat more slowly; nothing is preventing you from doing so. But you have to concentrate and actually change the behavior. That needs both increased ablity and a trigger. The HAPIfork provides both ability and trigger when it vibrates: “Wait a moment before you eat that next bite.”

There are many things I noticed about the HAPIfork – the first being it’s FUN! In fact, it is like you’re able to play a game with yourself. It can be either discreet or playful – no one knows if I’ve eaten too quickly…. but if I am with the right dining companion we can laugh when I make a mistake. Because you know, it is funny!

And never discount the importance of fun and play in behavior change.  It reframes what we’re trying to do from one of success/failure to play/play again.

I noticed two other things as I ate my salad with the Hapifork.  It brought back sensuality to eating.  What I mean is, it engaged my senses.  – I noticed the texture and the taste and the smell of the greens, dressing, walnuts, goat cheese and bell peppers.  The corollary to sensuality was of being fully present.   If ever there was a technological aid to mindful eating, this is it.

But most importantly, it changes my behavior in a tiny way at exactly the moment I need to make a change. This is what we know is effective. I’m happy that this tool is available for those people who want to change this behavior, and looking forward to the encores!


Selecting a winner

Hello HAPIbackers,

Thank you for your input in the T-shirt design contest. We are having fun 🙂

Based on the results of the 1st poll we were able to select designers for the final round. We now have 8 designers, and we have created another poll so that we can select the best design.

You can take a look and vote for your favorite here

Let’s see what will happen 🙂



We’re Recruiting Guest Bloggers!

HAPILABS was formed to advance the HAPIrevolution – and our first product is the HAPIfork!
Now that Kickstarter is underway and many of the show-stopper questions have been answered, it’s time to beef up the blog!

We’re undergoing a transformation, and we’ll be expanding to include different voices.

Trainers and Nutritionists, Researchers, Mindfulness and Cognitive Science experts, Designers, Wellness Program Leaders  – please fill out this form if you’d like to contribute to the HAPIblog.