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Here Comes The HAPIfork Mobile App!

Hello HAPIbackers,

We hope you have already filled out our HAPIfork survey! This would provide us information for shipping your rewards to you so if you haven’t done so yet, just check your inbox for an email from Kickstarter and access the survey link.

To date, 84% of backers have already completed the survey. And for those who will receive the HAPIfork as a reward, 50% have chosen the color blue, 38% have chosen green, and 12% have chosen pink! Let us know your color preference by completing our survey 🙂

Now for our next update, we’d like to unveil what’s happening on the mobile app front.

The HAPIfork, powered by Slow Control, needs just the right app so it can fully help you take control of your health. The HAPIfork application was designed to provide you with very useful functionalities. You can use it to sync with your HAPIfork, add pictures and comments, and have direct access to your meal data and more. No bells and whistles. Just what you need to access your HAPIfork data after the meal or even… in real-time when you’re eating!

Here are 3 screen caps we want to share with you:
Last Meal
  • See your success rate- how many bites were done at the proper pace vs. failed bites when you eat too fast
  • Be provided with data such as your average fork servings, average interval between fork servings, and number of fork servings per minute
  • View the images you saved with your meal (you’ll be able to save multiple images)
  • See the overall graph of your meal, showing number of fork servings over time


Meal Details

  • Description of the meal to describe the experience, or even to leave yourself motivational messages!
  • Rating of the meal : rate your overall satisfaction from the meal.
  • Location, meal start and end times, and even get to tag your meal to categorize them.
Meal History
  • Summary view of your your meal history with the pictures that you added.


Take note, though, that the following screen caps are from the beta version which is currently under development so you may see some difference when the first version goes live 🙂 Planned support for the HAPIfork app is on Android and iOS.
Thank you and have a HAPI day!
This update was originally posted on Kickstarter on June 19, 2013.

HAPIfork at “Doctor 2.0 & You” Digital Health Conference!

This June, Jacques Lépine, inventor of our beloved HAPIfork, was at the Doctor 2.0 & You Digital Health Conference in Paris at Cité Internationale Universitaire, as one of the speakers to talk under the banner of the Quantified Self.

Jacques shared his personal experience growing up knowing that he had this bad habit of eating too fast which later on in his life had severe impact on his health, and how his decision to not be controlled by this bad habit came together to the conception of the idea for the HAPIfork.

It is such an exciting event for us that HAPIfork got to be a part of this conference, to share in the topic of how medicine, research and social media affects health and medicine. Of course, HAPIfork was right at home with its mission to impact the lives of many by helping to improve one habit using technology. It was also an incredible honor for us to share the stage with Withings CEO Cédric Hutchings, among other influential speakers!

The HAPILABS team also organized a raffle and three lucky participants got the chance to win a HAPIfork! Congrats to them!

Here are is Jacques on stage!
from Slowcontrol Facebook page 1

Some Fresh and HAPI News About Your Rewards!

Hello HAPIbackers,

The campaign is over and now, thanks to your support, the HAPIfork development is going full blast! Next week, we’ll be sending out a survey to collect information necessary to ship your rewards when they become available!

And as part of the survey, depending on the pledge you have selected, you will need to make hard decisions :))

  • For the HAPIfork, you will get to choose between thecolors blue, pink and green – see below. Luckily, each fork will come with its matching case.
  • For the T-shirt, we will let you choose between the HAPIrevolution design (that comes in our 3 favorite colors – see below) and the HAPIfork design – created by Liquid Agnes, the winner of our contest on! You can check it here.

Get ready for next week’s survey and have a HAPI week-end!




This update was originally posted on Kickstarter on June 7, 2013.