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A Thinner HAPIfork!

Featuring the new the slimmer HAPIfork! And on behalf of all of us at HAPILABS and Slow Control, the company responsible for the HAPIfork technology, couldn’t be more ecstatic with the positive comments we have received from some of our friends who backed our project on Kickstarter last May. 

Since the presentation of the first few digital forks by Slow Control at CES this January 2013, we’ve received some feedback from the community on how the fork looks. Though we made the previous design comfortable to the grip, and easy to use–we had some pretty nice feedback from the people who had a meal with it—still, some comments on some HAPIfork images said that it seemed a bit too big (the camera adds 10 pounds after all! :-))

Of course we would be HAPI to have the HAPIfork at the center of people’s attention, but we want this in a good way! So, we’re more than glad to finally reveal this slimmer HAPIfork, one of the things that Slow Control and HAPILABS have been working diligently on these past few months.

thinner hapifork

This new design has been made slimmer with significantly less volume:  its width and thickness reduced by 2mm each, thanks to the handle’s ingenious asymmetrical shape! The on and off switch was given a complete overhaul to fit this new slimmer handle. The tines were also improved to look more balanced relative to the fork’s body.

To make it much more easy to use, the length of the fork’s cap at the opposite end was increased by around 3 mm so that it’s easier to pinch for removal. Instructional markings were also added to help users to better understand how they can pull out the body (the electronic key) from the fork’s handle.

The lid that protects the micro USB connector was also modified so that it can be opened and closed more easily. This redesign was especially intended so that users who will not use a mobile phone and Bluetooth to sync their HAPIfork, but instead will use the USB connector to upload their meal data, would have a much more convenient way to do it. And as a bonus it’ll make it easier for everyone to setup charging for their HAPIfork !

This new design will be the one to enter full production and so our HAPI backers on Kickstarter and people who will reserve a fork on our very own will be receiving this slimmer HAPIfork.

Of course, let us know what you think about this new design in the comments section!

HAPILABS at the “Quantified Self” and “Internet of Things” Meetings in Paris!


Exciting updates for HAPILABS were revealed by Fabrice Boutain, CEO of HAPILABS, at the Internet of Things and Quantified Self meet up last June 25 and 28 in Paris.

HAPILABS is a company that was conceived in perfect timing with innovations and developments in a high for the Quantified Self and Internet of things communities. HAPILABS’ goal of helping people take control of their health through technologies that incorporate data acquisition to a person’s daily life is something that is at the very heart of these communities and we’re HAPI to share our story with them!

Fabrice related his very own journey in life, and it is the pursuit of better health and quality of life that led him to build HAPILABS. It is what all people strive for in their lives, whatever they do, and it is decidedly what should be the essence of his next venture. He discussed happiness as the essence of HAPILABS building upon the ideas of some of today’s positive psychology authors Martin Seligman and Sonja Lyubomirsky.

The event was made even more meaningful as it is the first time HAPILABS introduces its second product in the range of wellness technologies: the HAPItrack.

Also, for the very first time, Fabrice delved into the details of the four blocks making up the HAPILABS Platform. First being the visualization of your health and happiness, second your personal health and fitness data, third is the coaching program to assist you in reaching your goals, fourth is the social aspect that let you share your experience with the people you care about.

You can view the slides presented at the event on this link :