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ALL HAPIforks Shipped to US and Canada Backers!

We’re HAPI to announce that as of November 26, ALL HAPIforks going out to United States and Canada destinations have been shipped!

Due to the Thanksgiving holidays, there will be some delay in relaying the tracking numbers for your packages, but we’ll have this available to you as soon as we receive them from our shipping partner.

For shipments intended for other countries, they are being handled by our shipping partner in China. Only a few packages remain to be shipped as of today, and we are working to complete this very soon. :-)We will relay the tracking numbers to the rest of you within the next few days once they are available.

We apologize that it’s been a long wait for many of you, due to several issues that we had to resolve with the fork heads and shipping logistics. We have been working tirelessly from day one to get a HAPIfork in your hands, but we are almost there! Thank you once again for your patience and understanding.

We haven’t forgotten about the 50% offer we promised to our backers, and we’ll keep you updated right here as soon as details become available. 🙂

Here are some images from our shipping partner in Florida last November 26.




Post originally published as an update on the HAPIfork Kickstarter page on November 28, 2013:

Take it Slow This Holiday Season!

Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and the much awaited holiday season is upon us once again! It’s the perfect time to spend with friends and family, or catch up on some much needed relaxation and time alone. Considering how busy and fast paced our lives are, it’s important to cherish the few times we get to sit back and take it slow!

Though “healthy” and “holidays” are two words that do not typically sound harmonious when said together, the holidays are also a perfect time for us to nourish and be kind to our bodies. Would you admit to having all the time in the world to pick out the most healthy meals when you are rushing through your busy schedule?

If you have not been taking care of your nourishment and health for the rest of the year, you would think that the holidays are never the right time to start being healthy. Why deprive yourself of the joy of eating by being healthy during the holidays, right? Not exactly. Being healthy and having joyful appetizing meals are no longer mutually exclusive.

As you know, we at HAPILABS believe that 50% of health comes from what you eat and how you eat. How you eat is definitely as important. And what way is that? Eating slowly.

Eating slowly is a way for you to factor in your health in this year’s festivities. An increasing number of studies attest to the benefits of eating slowly: studies that show one’s eating rate to be associated with obesity, cardiovascular risk factors, diabetes, weight loss and the seen benefits when eating rate is slowed down.  A comprehensive list of scientific studies, compiled by Slow Control, the HAPIfork’s manufacturer,  is available here :

On top of those, the right way of eating may even highlight how you enjoy the important moments this holiday season.The highlights of a feast is to enjoy the food and the company. Taking it slow at the dinner table is just what you would need to have opportunity for fond memories, as well as opportunity to take care of your tummies.

It takes 20 minutes for your mind to register that you’re full. Eating slowly gives you a handle on your food intake. Plus, chewing your food well makes you enjoy meals more. Savor the flavor and texture of each decadent dish.

Great food is one of the best things in our favorite holidays and so slowing down your eating gives it the attention it deserves.  It’s not a requirement to gorge oneself with everything at the dinner table; you can enjoy that pumpkin pie, turkey and the delicious yams and without feeling like you have to win a race. Eat slowly, enjoy the food that prepared by you or your host ever so thoughtfully.  And when you eat slowly, it also gives time for you to chat and catch up with your family and friends, be mindful, and enjoy the present moment. When you take things slow, you are mindful of little details that will make your holidays even more memorable.

Like us, are you excited for the holidays? Take the time to enjoy this Thanksgiving. Take it slow. It’s your HAPI Moment. 🙂


Take Better Control of Your Health with’s Wellness Agenda!

You likely keep an agenda that reads like this: client meeting, doctor’s appointment, pay bills, team meeting, and so on. It’s helpful to keep tabs on important things, right?

But what about the other important things in our daily lives, or the actions that keep us in good health? Walk daily, sleep on time, eat healthy meals regularly, get physically active, relax, and be happy.

How much of these things do we really make time for? In reality, when we try to map out our daily timetable, these probably go to the bottom of our list, keeping us from attaining our personal health and happiness  goals.

With’s Wellness Agenda, you can take control. You make your health and happiness activities front and center in your goals every single day.

The Wellness Agenda is a quick and simple way for you to take control of your health and happiness. It is a daily planner of your activities, assisting you to map out your day and set reminders to yourself to do things that positively impact your health and happiness daily.


chris' screen capture

With Wellness Agenda’s Planning and Reminders, you can schedule your day prioritizing things to reach your personal health goals: schedule to take your meals at a regular times, get the right sleep every day, and get physically active.

planning and reminders

 And how about things that are central to your happiness,  like taking time focus on the positive moments that happen to you daily?  With the Wellness Agenda, you can set aside time in your day to focus and appreciate your HAPI Moments. It also gives you a little nudge for it, with automatic notifications, so you won’t forget! After all, happiness is something that you have to practice. It is essential to good health and happiness to train your brain to be positive.

hapimoment reminder

On top of helping you in planning your day to achieve your health, wellness and happiness goals, Your Wellness Agenda also shows you what you actually do by laying out the data gathered both from your fitness devices and those manually uploaded by you on your account each day in a complete 24 hour period, all in one glance. You can browse your activities easily for the week or for the entire month.


And as “easy, simple and fun ”  is our motto, we made it so you can see your meals, steps, relaxation, and HAPI Moments easily. We made it so the data that our HAPI devices provide will make sense for you and help you visualize your life balance. It’s easy for you to know at what time of the day you did each activity, and quickly see how much of your planned health and wellness activities you actually followed through!

As a plus, each activity you upload on your account will automatically be reflected on  your agenda.

The Mission of is to provide people just like you with the right tools to monitor and manage your personal health and fitness data in order to improve your daily HAPIness.  If you can plan your day to do things that benefit your personal health and wellness, you’d be more likely to succeed and reach your goal. If you can visualize how much you actually do for your health and happiness right now, wouldn’t it be so much easier for you to realize how much more you can do and how much more you can improve?

With’s Wellness Agenda together with our HAPI Devices, this is what we aim for. We help you monitor and manage what you do, help you plan your activities, so you can start tweaking your habits, and make real changes to improve yourself!

Some Very Good News For HAPIfork!

As we have previously announced, we have decided together with Slow Control -the company that provides HAPIfork technology- to move the delivery to mid-November to address a small issue where a hairline fracture appears on HAPIfork heads.

We’ve tried a new solution for the production of the fork heads with our manufacturing partners, with some very good results. We are all optimistic that this means we have a sturdier fork in our hands.

We should resume production of HAPIfork that should correct the problem by early November. The Kickstarter backers’ HAPIforks have been shipped to our factory in China, and all the fork heads will be replaced by next week. If everything goes well, we will be moving on to re-shipping your HAPIforks by mid-November.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of shipments in the coming weeks!

Have an exceptionally HAPI day!


PS: For those who would like some more information on the concern at hand: These hairline cracks on the HAPIfork heads were found to be caused by temperature changes related to the injection pressure.

This was later aggravated by even more temperature changes during shipping, where cargo holds can reach temperatures of up to zero degrees before handling and delivery. On this kind of plastic, the stress from the exaggerated fluctuations in temperature, which is manifested by the hairline cracks, naturally takes some time before it reveals itself.

This is why we did not discover the hairline cracks until a batch of forks had already been sent out to some users.

Here are some images from the factory:

head inspection

 Cold water test following 100°C degrees heating test to demonstrate the resistance of the new plastic mix. The testing procedures are made between -20°C and 100°C (-4°F and 212°F) to ensure the fork can withstand temperature changes well.

 Post originally published on Kickstarter for HAPIfork backers on November 1, 2013: