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Low Fat Diet Leads to More Fat loss Than Low Carb Ones, Recent Study Finds

low carb vs low fatA recent study published in Cell Metabolic Journal,  led by Kevin D. Hall at the National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Disease, suggests that a fat restricted diet leads to more weight loss than a calorie restricted diet.

The study involved observing 19 adults with obesity voluntarily confined in a metabolic ward for a period of two weeks,  with one group consuming a carbohydrate restricted diet and the other consuming fat restricted diet, both with daily exercise. The study finds that though both low fat and low carbohydrates lead to fat loss, fat loss is significantly higher in those who consumed low fat diets.

The study demonstrated in the short term that in the calorie restriction of fat vs. carbohydrates, low fat diets leads to more fat loss. This study showed opposite the conclusion of former studies and claims of the metabolic advantage of carbohydrate restriction. (Ludwig and Friedman, 2014).

Though long term and real-life application of the premise of this study would have to consider more complex factors such as behavioral, and the actual attainability of high fat restriction in daily real-life settings, it provides one important takeaway. As Prof Nick Finer, Honorary Professor in the UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science mentioned to Science Media Center, one important thing about this study is that it disproves that a low-carb diet is absolutely required if one wants to lose fat, and that only a low-carb diet can lead  to fat loss.

But in the end, this study does not change what all long term dieters are probably already too familiar with, that weight loss success relies less on what the meals of a diet plan or a regimen is composed of, and more on if one can actually stick to to the plan in the long term.

What do you think this study would mean for your weight loss? In essence, if you can maintain a low-fat diet and successfully keep it a habit, that would be the best approach if you’d want to put the elements of this study to actual practice.

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