Evolution of the HAPIfork

The evolution of the HAPIforkAs we’ve mentioned before, the designer of the HAPIfork, Jacques Lépine, has been at this for over 7 years! Here are four benchmark versions of the HAPIfork, from top to bottom in the image:

V0.1 – Figuring out how to detect when the fork touches the mouth

V 0.2 – The first attempt to make a fork. There are a lot of errors. The fork isn’t solid enough simply as a fork.

V 0.3 – Finally the fork works well, so we learn a lot out about how people actually use the fork.

V 1.0 – January 2013, this is the fork from the CES release. We have improved the feed-back, the durability, and are pleased with the results.

So interesting to see how far the development of the fork has come!

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