Fly don’t Fall – Keeping Fit and Heathy this Autumn

The hot summer days are almost over. Don’t fret if your summer fitness plans didn’t pan out, as fall might just be the perfect time to start fitness routines and healthy habits that stick. For one, it’s the season just before winter when fitness is moot, as weather later turns too chilly. It feels mighty tempting to just curl up inside a warm Snuggie and hibernate. Fall gives you a few months’ head start for making healthy choices, commit to do them regularly until they turn into habits just in time for Thanksgiving weekend and the winter months.

Here are some ways you can take advantage of this perfect season to be a bit more healthy in your choices.

1. Start a fitness routine


Gone is the uncomfortable heat of summer. You  can now enjoy the cooler temperature and take up outdoor workouts like walking, running or biking. There are few other seasons better suited to these activities;  the air is crisp, leaves are crunching under your feet and the scenery is of the beautiful fall foliage. You’ll be amazed how this time can be a big motivator for you to grab your favorite sneakers and head outdoors.  

2. Indulge in healthy fall meals

Butternut Squash, Apple and Ginger Soup WIth Pumpkin

It is friendly on the budget to eat seasonally and locally. And as much as summer, fall is when a bounty of fruit and vegetables is in season.  Celery, a favorite healthy snack, is in season; as well as other vitamin-packed veggies and fruits as pumpkins, turnips, a variety of mushrooms and berries. Some vegetables tend to be better this season, like cabbage and figs, as colder temperature makes them sweeter. Carrots also have a more robust flavor than in other seasons. As an extra tip, with all produce that’s available to you at a cheaper cost, it is much easier to to plan your meals ahead of time, weekly, for example, so as to avoid to going for unhealthy  “convenient” options  at the last minute.

3. Take a fun physical class

health club

Cure boredom by taking an unusual, fun class that requires you to move and be physically active. Fitness doesn’t always have to come in a serious intimidating package. This time is perfect as fall is when most of these group fitness classes usually start. For parents, much of time is freed up  for new activities, as kids are already starting school. You’ll never be short of fun things to try:  yoga, pilates, and barre are usual choices.  For the terpsichoreans, try tap, hip-hop and some of the latest fitness craze. For the those of you who prefer more intense physical activity, try signing up for team sports. Football is a good choice as the NFL season is upon us, it is a fantastic way to soak up the energy and get into the spirit.

4.  Get help from technology

activity trackerTake advantage of the latest fitness gadgets to assist you in staying on top of your fitness game. At the end of the day, it is your own willpower that will determine if you win the battle of the bulge.  Using activity trackers, which are designed to help monitor your activities and keep you motivated, is a great way to increase the odds for success when cooler days make the bed irresistible during workout mornings.

5.  Don’t get sick

Having a flu

And finally, let us not forget that fall also means fickle weather. It’s not uncommon to have cooler windy days be followed by blistering heat. Getting sick will take you off your precious healthy habit faster than you can say “achoo”.  Be prepared by always dressing appropriately. Have a light jacket ready for sudden cooler change in temperature or when wind gets too excited, and also keep an extra towel to wipe yourself down during unusually hot weather, especially when doing your outdoor activities.

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