Get to know your HAPIfork’s perfect companion!

Hello HAPI backers,

Our Kickstarter campaign will be over in a few hours (got any friends to remind about it?) Thanks to your support, we were able to surpass our target by more than 30%!

Once you receive the HAPIfork, powered by Slow Control, you will also have access to the complete HAPIfork Suite, that includes an optional Coaching Program, to help you learn better eating habits. The Coaching Program helps you to:

  • Gradually improve your habits
  • Access daily healthy meal plans prepared by nutrition experts
  • Learn more about the HAPI Revolution through the works of revolutionary thinkers and inventors
  • Discover the most cutting-edge apps and devices to help you live a healthy, HAPI life!

The Coaching program is one of the elements of the complete suite aimed at smart, healthy eating habits and overall well-being: other than the coaching program and the HAPIfork device, you will have a personal dashboard to store and review your eating-related data and help you track your progress meal after meal, a mobile app so you can check your progress from the road as well as from home and a fun, online Social Game to motivate you to implement these new smart eating habits with your loved ones.

The Coaching Program is currently being developed by our team and here we share with you a snapshot preview of what’s planned!

Thanks and have a HAPI day!



This update was originally posted on Kickstarter on May 30, 2013.

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