HAPIfork at “Doctor 2.0 & You” Digital Health Conference!

This June, Jacques Lépine, inventor of our beloved HAPIfork, was at the Doctor 2.0 & You Digital Health Conference in Paris at Cité Internationale Universitaire, as one of the speakers to talk under the banner of the Quantified Self.

Jacques shared his personal experience growing up knowing that he had this bad habit of eating too fast which later on in his life had severe impact on his health, and how his decision to not be controlled by this bad habit came together to the conception of the idea for the HAPIfork.

It is such an exciting event for us that HAPIfork got to be a part of this conference, to share in the topic of how medicine, research and social media affects health and medicine. Of course, HAPIfork was right at home with its mission to impact the lives of many by helping to improve one habit using technology. It was also an incredible honor for us to share the stage with Withings CEO Cédric Hutchings, among other influential speakers!

The HAPILABS team also organized a raffle and three lucky participants got the chance to win a HAPIfork! Congrats to them!

Here are is Jacques on stage!
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