HAPIfork Beta Units Shipped! Plus 10 Photos Straight from the Labs :-)

Exciting news! We are HAPI to announce that the beta version HAPIforks have shipped out from the factory to our beta testers this week!

The HAPILABS Team and Slow Control — the company that provides the HAPIfork technology– have been hard at work these past months, making sure that everything is in order with your devices, and HAPI applications. We’re now at the final stages of preparing for the HAPIfork and we are HAPI to share some snapshots of the latest events with you!

1. Edd, Phil and Chris from the HAPILABS Team are enjoying their first meal in China with the beta version HAPIfork.

2. Chris and Edd from the HAPILABS Team together with Ray from the HAPIfork Factory are testing the fork’s latest firmware.

3. A first look at the new HAPIfork travel case that is very light to carry around. For hygienic considerations, it is made of a special PP plastic .

4. HAPIfork Factory: Testing connectivity on each fork. All is working very well with latest Apple tablet!

5. HAPIfork Factory: Assembling the fork and putting the O-ring on the HAPIfork’s head to secure its water resistance.

6. HAPIfork Factory: Putting together the beta-test HAPIfork; the Quick Start Guide and other reading materials can be found inside the travel case.

7. HAPIfork Factory: Wrapping the HAPIfork final package units with protective plastic films. Just before shipping.

8. Leandro from the HAPILABS’ Web Team currently working on the latest updates on the Online Dashboard.

9. Karen from HAPILABS Design Team is finalizing the HAPIfork User Manual that will be available for download in PDF format

10. Arne from the HAPILABS mobile Team is fine-tuning the HAPIfork app that will be available to Bluetooth Smart Ready devices (on iPhone and Android).

We hope you enjoyed the latest news from the Labs! Until our next update! Have a HAPI day!


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