Happy Lunar New Year from HAPI.com!

Happy Lunar New Year!

lunar new year

New Year’s resolutions overwhelmingly tend to be some sort of vow to become healthier. Losing weight is perennially a top contender closely followed by the pledge to get fit and to eat more healthily. HAPIfork to the rescue!

You all know by now that HAPIfork aims to help people eat more slowly with its vibration and light alarms. But in truth, HAPIfork is more powerful than that.

Have you unlocked your HAPIfork’s full potential? Make it your mission to be healthier and HAPIer this 2014 by taking advantage of your HAPIfork.

Here are two more amazing things you can do with your HAPIfork:


 1. Use the HAPI.com  mobile app

Enhance your HAPI.com entries by taking and uploading pictures on your mobile phone. Download for iOS or Android.


2.Get your free 15-day meal plan

Your HAPIfork comes with a free 15-day meal plan and coaching program to help you eat more slowly and for better health. Click here to get started.

As we always say at HAPILABS, 50% of our health comes from what we eat and how we eat, and your HAPIfork is a positive step in that direction. It’s still not too late to make this new year a HAPIer and healthier one for you. Start today!


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