A little issue on the fork’s head

Hello HAPI Backers,

We’ve received all your messages, following up on the shipment of your HAPIforks, and we’re making sure to reply to each one of you! In the meantime, here are more fresh updates…

As you know, we shipped the first HAPIforks to our beta-test backers at the end of September and a sample mass production HAPIforks to 200 Kickstarter backers in early October. Some of you are actually having lunch and dinner with the HAPIfork on a daily basis. That makes us proud and HAPI!

After two weeks of intensive use, we received a lot of very encouraging feedback about the product itself, the Bluetooth mobile app and the online dashboard. Both HAPILABS and Slow Control–the company that is responsible for HAPIfork technology– are really excited with all the great feedback!

All was super positive until we discovered that there was a small issue—for approximately 10% of items—with the fork heads that happens during specific conditions which we have determined to be related to temperature change. The result is a small hairline fracture that appears on the neck of the fork head. You can look at the picture to better understand what we’re talking about.

2013-10-16-15.21.43The Quality Control team has identified the issue that happens during specific conditions related to temperature change


 A small hairline fracture appears on the neck of the fork head in 10% of the cases.

Well, the point is we don’t want to take any chances, and we want to be 100% sure that your very first HAPIfork experience will be smooth and flawless. Your satisfaction as a backer is on top of our priority list.

So, to ensure that you’re HAPI with what you receive, we decided to return the Kickstarter backers’ second shipment to our factory in China. We will have every single fork head replaced next week. We are very lucky that our manufacturing partners have been fully cooperating with us in this situation, making sure that the HAPIfork that our customers receive is durable when subjected to temperature fluctuations. The factory has assured us that they are using polycarbonate plastic, the most hygienic and the strongest kind, the same type that is used for the iPhone 5c.

As you can imagine, this will cause a delay in the HAPIfork delivery which should be about 2 weeks. As of now, we plan to ship your HAPIfork before mid-November and we hope to get your full support on this important decision we took!

Of course, we’ll also send new replacement fork heads to all of you who already received a HAPIfork showing this small hairline fracture. Just inform us at feedback@hapilabs.com.

So in short, don’t worry, be HAPI, all is under control 🙂 I would like to apologize for the delay and to make it up to all of you I would also like to extend a 50% discount towards a purchase of a second HAPIfork for ALL our Kickstarter backers. More details to come….

Have a HAPI day!

Fabrice Boutain, CEO of HAPILABS

 Post originally published on Kickstarter for HAPIfork backers: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1273668931/hapifork-the-smart-fork-that-tracks-your-eating-ha-0/posts/640325

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