Picker, Scooper or Data lover ? Which HAPIfork User Are You?

If you’re eating too fast, who’s to tell you to slow down? Like your mom who takes care of you by reminding you to pace your eating, HAPIfork sends you gentle light and vibration signals to remind you when you’re taking a bite too fast.

How is it able to do this? It detects your fork servings when you take a bite of your food.

As people eat in different ways, HAPIfork was cleverly designed so that it can work for most people’s way of eating.

HAPIfork can be configured to one of three different profiles, depending on the type of HAPIfork user that you are. You will be able to adjust how the HAPIfork detects fork servings, based on what works best for your own style of eating.

profiles 2

Picker Profile

This profile is best for people who tend to pick their food when they eat, and would have the tines above the handle as they bring food to their mouths.

Scooper Profile

This profile works best for people who scoop their food up to the mouth (as when eating mashed potatoes) where the handle generally is above the tines when one eats.

Data Lover Profile

The data lover profile accurately detects fork servings for any way of eating, but it is best to be used with a non conductive knife such as a ceramic knife, so that touching the fork with a conductive utensil will not result in false fork servings.

It is advisable to play around with the three profiles during the first few days of using the HAPIfork so that you know the profile that works best for you to accurately detect your fork servings. You can also use the HAPIfork mobile app with your meal (download for iOS or Android) to tell if your fork servings are being counted.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q34WLB3VBI&w=560&h=315]

If you want know more about the 3 HAPIfork profiles, watch HAPILABS sales and marketing director Edward Gash break it down for you in the video above, or you can head on over to our FAQ page to get other useful information on how to use your HAPIfork! 🙂

HAPI eating!


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