Take Better Control of Your Health with HAPI.com’s Wellness Agenda!

You likely keep an agenda that reads like this: client meeting, doctor’s appointment, pay bills, team meeting, and so on. It’s helpful to keep tabs on important things, right?

But what about the other important things in our daily lives, or the actions that keep us in good health? Walk daily, sleep on time, eat healthy meals regularly, get physically active, relax, and be happy.

How much of these things do we really make time for? In reality, when we try to map out our daily timetable, these probably go to the bottom of our list, keeping us from attaining our personal health and happiness  goals.

With HAPI.com’s Wellness Agenda, you can take control. You make your health and happiness activities front and center in your goals every single day.

The Wellness Agenda is a quick and simple way for you to take control of your health and happiness. It is a daily planner of your activities, assisting you to map out your day and set reminders to yourself to do things that positively impact your health and happiness daily.


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With HAPI.com Wellness Agenda’s Planning and Reminders, you can schedule your day prioritizing things to reach your personal health goals: schedule to take your meals at a regular times, get the right sleep every day, and get physically active.

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 And how about things that are central to your happiness,  like taking time focus on the positive moments that happen to you daily?  With the Wellness Agenda, you can set aside time in your day to focus and appreciate your HAPI Moments. It also gives you a little nudge for it, with automatic notifications, so you won’t forget! After all, happiness is something that you have to practice. It is essential to good health and happiness to train your brain to be positive.

hapimoment reminder

On top of helping you in planning your day to achieve your health, wellness and happiness goals, Your Wellness Agenda also shows you what you actually do by laying out the data gathered both from your fitness devices and those manually uploaded by you on your HAPI.com account each day in a complete 24 hour period, all in one glance. You can browse your activities easily for the week or for the entire month.


And as “easy, simple and fun ”  is our motto, we made it so you can see your meals, steps, relaxation, and HAPI Moments easily. We made it so the data that our HAPI devices provide will make sense for you and help you visualize your life balance. It’s easy for you to know at what time of the day you did each activity, and quickly see how much of your planned health and wellness activities you actually followed through!

As a plus, each activity you upload on your HAPI.com account will automatically be reflected on  your agenda.

The Mission of HAPI.com is to provide people just like you with the right tools to monitor and manage your personal health and fitness data in order to improve your daily HAPIness.  If you can plan your day to do things that benefit your personal health and wellness, you’d be more likely to succeed and reach your goal. If you can visualize how much you actually do for your health and happiness right now, wouldn’t it be so much easier for you to realize how much more you can do and how much more you can improve?

With HAPI.com’s Wellness Agenda together with our HAPI Devices, this is what we aim for. We help you monitor and manage what you do, help you plan your activities, so you can start tweaking your habits, and make real changes to improve yourself!

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