They had a meal with the HAPIfork!

Hello HAPIbackers,

We have been very lucky to get the chance to sit down with the HAPIfork and enjoy our meal with some notable writers and journalists in personal technology. We at HAPILABS together with Slow Control–the company that provides the HAPIfork technology– are very excited for the moment when you’ll finally be able to try the HAPIfork for yourselves, and we can hear what you have to say. So in anticipation of that day, we thought it would be a nice idea to share with you some of their positive feedback, to give you a little preview of the experience.

Here are some of the nice things they’ve shared with their readers:


“After just one meal, it’s had some impact on my eating. As I’ve consumed further food this week, sans HAPIfork, it’s still been on my mind — and I’ve been doing a better job of pacing myself.“

 – Harry McCracken, TIME Tech 


“Normally I would have scarfed the food down in almost no time, but this was one of the most relaxed meals I’ve had in years.“

– Larry Magid, Forbes


“The fork is light enough that it is easy to carry around and subtle enough that you won’t feel weird whipping it out at a restaurant.“

– Rebecca Grant, Venture Beat


” One meal wasn’t enough time to cure me of my snarfing ways, but I was more aware of how fast I ate for the rest of the day. ”

– Heather Kelly, CNN


” It only took a few rumbles of my mouth to slow me down. By the end of the meal, I began to unconsciously place my fork into a flat position, rather than holding it like a spear waiting for attack.“

– Gregory Ferenstein, TechCrunch


“It became a bit of a game to see what actions and behaviors would and would not produce the vibration alert. I was unusually aware of the speed with which I was eating; in these regards, the HAPIfork was already working.”

– Amber Bouman, TechHive

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