Wellness Agenda now on HAPI.com Mobile!

Now, get to access HAPI.com Wellness Agenda on your mobile browser!

HAPI.com Wellness agenda is an easy way you can monitor, track, and plan your daily wellness activities. Visualize your meals, steps, sleep, weight, relaxation and HAPI Moments all at one glance. This lets you know exactly where you are in your fitness activities, to give you a boost in motivation when you need it.  Now, it’s made even better as you get the convenience of accessing it anytime through your mobile browser.

mobile browsing wellness agenda

If you haven’t been acquainted with HAPI.com’s Wellness Agenda, you can check this blog right here.

If you don’t have access to the HAPI.com app, you have the option to access this page via your mobile browser along with other HAPI.com elements now tailor fitted to give you a HAPI browsing experience. Now, get to access your Timeline, Profile, Goals, Agenda, Friends, Inbox, Apps and Devices and Settings.

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Stay tuned for more updates as we work to improve your HAPI.com experience on mobile!

Have a HAPI day!


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