We’ve Started Shipping to Kickstarter Backers!

We’ve been waiting for this moment for a loooong time, and we’re so HAPI to announce that we’ve made it!

The HAPIfork, the world’s first smart fork, has finally arrived! And it’s all thanks to your tremendous support and patience!

We have started shipping the Kickstater Backers’ HAPIfork rewards, including the HAPIfork T-shirts and HAPIstickers! Early this week, we’ve already shipped the first units to and the rest will be delivered this coming week. Good news: Kickstarter Backers can expect the arrival of their HAPIforks pretty soon!


It’s been a hectic but fun run up to this big moment: from the CES in January, and the Kickstarter fundraiser in April. And all the hard work has paid off! Both Slow Control  and HAPILABS are extremely thankful for all the support HAPIfork has received!

Help make HAPIfork a perfect device! 🙂

We cannot wait for everyone to receive and get to try out the HAPIfork! The fork’s firmware (that filters “false positive” fork servings) is not perfect yet because, believe it or not, we all eat in different ways. But we’re improving it on a daily basis and we’re surely getting there. With users feedback, we will improve it to make it 100% accurate. With all the users’ support, we’re going to create a device that will help millions of people have a healthier and HAPIer lifestyle. What a great challenge ahead!What a great challenge ahead!

Next batch of shipment

For those 126 of backers who have not yet answered our HAPIfork surveys sent last June can still do so and we will be arranging the next batch of shipment for them.

IMG_0863 (1)


Thanks and have a HAPI day!


Here are some latest shots from our guy Edd as we arrange shipment from our site!

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.44.03

The HAPI Revolution T-shirt and HAPIfork sound asleep in their box 🙂


      A little thank you letter from us to the Kickstarter Backers! 🙂


   Don’t forget the Official HAPI funder sticker!


Boxes all lined up at our shipping site!


       The HAPIforks are almost here! All of us at HAPILABS, can’t wait for you to get to try them!

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