Wellness Agenda now on HAPI.com Mobile!

Now, get to access HAPI.com Wellness Agenda on your mobile browser!

HAPI.com Wellness agenda is an easy way you can monitor, track, and plan your daily wellness activities. Visualize your meals, steps, sleep, weight, relaxation and HAPI Moments all at one glance. This lets you know exactly where you are in your fitness activities, to give you a boost in motivation when you need it.  Now, it’s made even better as you get the convenience of accessing it anytime through your mobile browser.

mobile browsing wellness agenda

If you haven’t been acquainted with HAPI.com’s Wellness Agenda, you can check this blog right here.

If you don’t have access to the HAPI.com app, you have the option to access this page via your mobile browser along with other HAPI.com elements now tailor fitted to give you a HAPI browsing experience. Now, get to access your Timeline, Profile, Goals, Agenda, Friends, Inbox, Apps and Devices and Settings.

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Stay tuned for more updates as we work to improve your HAPI.com experience on mobile!

Have a HAPI day!


Give the Gift of Health this Father’s Day!

Help Dad eat better and appreciate food more by teaching him to eat slowly with the HAPIfork. He’ll also get to improve his digestion while he’s at it! ;-)

Visit HAPI.com to order one today!


Available within the United States. Free shipping.

Have a HAPI Father’s Day celebration! :-)


HAPILABS at Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair!

HAPILABS Sales and Marketing Director Edward Gash spent a few days at the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair in Hong Kong promoting the HAPILABS Brand and looking at the latest trends in fitness devices and activity trackers.

Ed also took advantage of this public visit to launch the official HAPIfork online store. That’s right! Now HAPI people can order their favorite smart fork in their color of their choice and get free shipping (to current shipping locations),  plus have the added security from HAPIfork’s  warranty coverage.

Here’s a little photo Edd shared to us from the venue. What is he wearing on his wrist? A little peek at what’s to come for HAPILABS. :-) Edd at the venue

Until our next update!



How to Help Make the World a HAPIer place!

What ways can you save the Earth in your own little way?

We are supporters of things that make this world a HAPIer place.  And what else makes the world HAPIer more than people adapting ways to help sustain it? With the Earth Day and Arbor day in April just past, we right now have the health of the environment in mind more than any other time in the year.  But why not get this going every single day? By starting small, we can surely make Earth-friendly habits stick and create impact in a much bigger way.

Here are little things you can do to help out:

1. Walk. And walk some more.step

Cars are top contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas traps heat in our atmosphere, consequently threatening the global climate.  By leaving your car at home and choosing to walk instead of driving, you’re helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions you yourself contribute to the 30 billion metric tons of CO2 human activity emits yearly [Scientific American].

And as research suggests, around 10,000 steps per day is essential to keep you fit. An average person walks around 5,000 to 7,000 steps per day [Sports Medicine] ; this is only by keeping to our usual routine. But by walking or taking your bicycle instead of your car to places nearby, you are bound to double the number on your activity tracker without having to make a conscious effort.

Also the steady rhythm of walking tends to beat the stress levels of being stuck in a traffic jam. Less stress, good for the environment; great for your health!

2. If you must travel far, consider public transportation or carpooling.

This is simply because more people sharing the same transportation reduces the cars that travel the road minimizing adverse environmental impact of fossil fuel driven transportation.

3. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Plan it and really do it.

recycleWhy is this important? An average person produces 4.5 pounds of solid waste a day [EPA].

Aside from the energy and the resources that are used to transport all that fulfill our daily consumption, the same goes for taking care of the things that we throw out. In addition, landfills produce considerable methane gas that contributes further to global warming.

Taking measures as having a recycling bin in your house, as well as composting, will do a lot to reduce your own household wastes. In addition, simple tricks as taking your own reusable grocery bag instead of opting for paper bags, asking to not include plastic cutlery from fast food delivery when dining at home (or wherever your own cutlery is available), would reduce the clutter and save you things you’ll just use once and then throw away.

4. Plant trees.

Just a funny thought: If WiFi signals came out of trees, surely we’d be planting more trees, right? Why not then  have the same attitude for things as essential as the air we breathe?


Among the other benefits of trees to our existence, two mature trees can produce enough oxygen for a family of four in its lifetime [SAT]. You can make the choice to plant a tree in our own backyard or browse local town or city events for some tree planting activities you can participate in to create a bigger impact. It’s just half a day of your time and it would be perennially worth it.

5.  Do resource saving tips around the house.

Great day for laundryLeaky faucet? One constant drip in your sink can waste 75 liters of water a week. Keeping your faucets in tip-top shape can make keep you from this unnecessary wastage. You can also install a clothesline outdoors to help you save up on energy used for laundry at home during hot summer months. You can also program your television, computer and other household appliances to automatically turn off when not in use. Also, unplugging appliances, instead of simply turning them off  further minimize the energy consumed in your household and decrease the money you spend regularly on electricity.

We strive to improve to take care of our own health and HAPIness. We can find little but surefire ways to take care of both our own health and the environment. In doing so, we don’t only get to do something good for ourselves but also for every other person in the planet. Now that’s HAPI!


Tudor-Locke, Catrine, Bassett, David R Jr. “How Many Steps/Day Are Enough?: Preliminary Pedometer Indices for Public HealthSports Medicine. 34(1):1-8, 2004.

Bielo, David. “How much is Too Much: Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions”, Scientific American, 29 April 2009. Web. 7 May 2009. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/limits-on-greenhouse-gas-emissions/

Environmental Protection Agency. Municipal Solid waste. Web. 07 May 2014. http://www.epa.gov/waste/nonhaz/municipal/

Save a Tree. Tree Facts | Facts About Trees. Web. 08 May 2014. http://www.savatree.com/tree-facts.html

Get Your HAPIfork! Order Now on HAPI.com :-)

Great news! You can now get your HAPIfork directly from HAPI.com.

Visit http://www.hapi.com/store/buy/hapifork now and get your HAPIfork in black, white, blue, pink or green!

Ships in 1-3 business days upon availability of stock. Currently available for customers in the United States with free shipping. We also hope to ship to other countries in the near future, so stay tuned. :-)


We’re looking forward to hearing about your experience with the HAPIfork once you get to try it! No better day than today to start eating at the right pace and to start taking better control of your health! ;-)

Have a HAPI day!


Mobile Browsing and Moves Data Now on HAPI.com!

We’ve got 2 GREAT new updates to HAPI.com!

First is the mobile browsing version of your HAPI.com account, which you can access at m.hapi.com. It’s compatible with ALL smartphones and tablets! It features an improved image upload experience, so you can enrich your HAPI Meals and HAPI Moments on the go!

We love the snappy response you get when uploading and viewing your timeline on m.hapi.com. Our experience here will also lead to improvements to the HAPI.com mobile app for iOS and Android this Q2.

mobile site

Next, we’ve added support for the Moves smartphone app. You can now see your Moves data on HAPI.com!

Moves app available for Android and iPhone probably is probably the coolest fitness app to hit smartphones to date.

If you haven’t been acquainted yet with the Moves app, here’s what you need to know: Moves is an app that tracks your fitness data turning your smartphone virtually into an activity tracker. It automatically records and recognizes your activities (walking, traveling by car, etc.) by simply putting your phone in your pocket or your bag. Ain’t that neat?

Photo Credit:moves-app.com


To activate, simply log on to HAPI.com and navigate to your My Devices and Apps page and click “Activate now”.


Once set, your data will be available on the HAPI.com and displayed on your timeline.

moves timeline

And once set as your default device, you can also view your steps, distance travelled and calories burned on your My Stats page. my stats

Stay tuned as we add more features to make the entire HAPI.com experience better for you!

Have a HAPI day!


Sharing the Love: HAPIfork Around The World

We couldn’t be happier with the kind of buzz that our favorite fork has received in the past few months.  And today, we share some of the HAPIfork love with you!

Here are some of features we’ve seen, and some that people have shared with us, in different countries (and languages) around the world.

From Belgium’s Nieuwsblad.be one of their leading national newspapers.


Much love to Hendrix Rommens for sending us the photo of the feature!

We’re also very much flattered to see people taking the time to take perfect beauty shots our beloved fork! Here are a couple of great shots done by it.com from China.




We’ve also read some great features from over 5,000 news articles and blog posts published even before we started shipping out the first few units of the HAPIfork last year! Here are some in different languages we’d like to share.

Hello Cotton – France


Newsland – Russia

newsland russia.jpg

News.com.au - Australia


Glob.com – Brazil


It was an exciting affair when we started delivering HAPIforks to different parts of the world and even more exciting to have people share with us their experience when HAPIfork was finally on hand. Here’s one of our HAPI backers who sent us a picture of his HAPIfork unboxed, all the way from Portugal. Thanks Olimipio for sending some shots of your new fork! :-)

 olimpio goncalves.jpg


HAPIfork Sky high

 HAPIfork also had the chance to meet technology entrepreneur Andy Hadfield on a plane (HAPIfork was featured at the Thai Airways inflight mag). Click here to see his blog on this on the emergence of quantified self, featured in South Africa. Thanks for the tweet, Andy!

andyhadfield tweet.jpg

And speaking of HAPIfork on a plane, we’re surely glad HAPIfork gets past security checks at the airport to go around the world with you :-) Here’s a tweet about the experience by Tactiohealth.

 tactiohealth tweet.jpg

‘Twas definitely  wonderful to share HAPIfork with the world and we greatly appreciate all the good word that has gone around about this little smart gadget!  Both HAPILABS and SlowControl (maker of the HAPIfork) humbly thank you all for the support!

Once again, have a HAPI day, everyone!


Get your HAPIfork at Joyus Today!

We’re thrilled to announce that HAPIfork is now available at Joyus.com!

Joyus.com, an online video shopping site that helps people live more beautifully, now offers the HAPIfork as part of their Health and Fitness catalogue. And what a perfect channel for HAPIfork being a product that help you stay fit healthy and HAPI.  HAPIness, we believe, is important to living beautifully.

HAPIfork at Joyus.com is priced at US$100 and is available in a very pristine white color.

Joyus members are to receive free standard US ground shipping. Joyus ships to all 50 US states.

Watch this nice Healthy Habits segment by Leandra Rouse to learn more about what HAPIfork can do for you.

Have a HAPI day!



Happy Lunar New Year from HAPI.com!

Happy Lunar New Year!

lunar new year

New Year’s resolutions overwhelmingly tend to be some sort of vow to become healthier. Losing weight is perennially a top contender closely followed by the pledge to get fit and to eat more healthily. HAPIfork to the rescue!

You all know by now that HAPIfork aims to help people eat more slowly with its vibration and light alarms. But in truth, HAPIfork is more powerful than that.

Have you unlocked your HAPIfork’s full potential? Make it your mission to be healthier and HAPIer this 2014 by taking advantage of your HAPIfork.

Here are two more amazing things you can do with your HAPIfork:


 1. Use the HAPI.com  mobile app

Enhance your HAPI.com entries by taking and uploading pictures on your mobile phone. Download for iOS or Android.


2.Get your free 15-day meal plan

Your HAPIfork comes with a free 15-day meal plan and coaching program to help you eat more slowly and for better health. Click here to get started.

As we always say at HAPILABS, 50% of our health comes from what we eat and how we eat, and your HAPIfork is a positive step in that direction. It’s still not too late to make this new year a HAPIer and healthier one for you. Start today!